Roving Photographer with Instant Print

For Weddings and Events

One downside to the traditional photo booth is that it’s stationary. But what if the experience could be taken to the guest, instead of waiting for the guest to engage?

With roaming photography, our photographer will actively walk around to engage your guests and take their photos. And our assistant will deliver the photos to your guests.

Needing a customized or branded photo overlay on the printout ? That’s included !

Whatsmore, opt for our live projection ! Flash the photos taken by our photographer up the projector !


Roving Instant Print

1 Professional Roaming Photographer
1 Print Artist
1 Photo Distributor ( optional )
Customized print design to be on the printout.
Live Photo Projection ( optional )
Envelopes / Plastic Sheets
Unlimited Prints
All soft copies edited and returned after the event

* Print Artist will do basic editing on-site before printing the photo out.
Such as color correction and cropping.

* Live Photo Projection - display the photos taken by the photographer
on the venue projector.